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(A) Melting

Dual Track model with a crucible of 500kgs, 2 in numbers.Mono Track model with a crucible of 500kgs, 1 in number.

(B) Moulding

DARPA 450 – A pair of Simultaneous Jolt Squeeze Machines. BOX SIZE 700x 600×225 mm ,PRODUCTION RATE 45 MOULD / HOUR

(C) Sand Plant

Sand mixture batch capacity of 500 kgs.
Automatic Sand Handling Unit with a capacity of 18 tons/hr

(D) Core Shop

Shell Core Shooter – 05 nos. Self made 04 nos. of size of 800x400mm , Kelson Make 01 nos. of size 400x250mm. Cold Box core shooter – 01 Nos

(E) Fettling

Well equipped with pedestal grinders, Straight Cutter,s and many hand grinders.

(F) Paint Shop

Spray Paint & Dipping

(G) Quality & Control

Well equipped with Spectrometer from Oxford instruments with 24 elements checking technology , Direct display to metling shop .

Microscope with image analyzer , Universal testing machine from FIE , Maximum load capacity 600KN with attached software .

  • BHN Hardness Tester from FIE . Universal Sand Strength machine Versatile make 01nos.
  • Permeability meter Versatile make 01 nos.
  • IR Moisture drier Versatile make 01 nos.
  • Sieve shaker Versatile make 01 nos.
  • Rapid moisture tester Versatile make 01 nos.
  • Clay Washer Versatile make 01 nos.
  • Sand Rammer Versatile make 01 nos.
  • Muffle furnace 01 nos.
  • Weigh balance 02 nos.
  • Micro Sample preparation machine.

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